Beyond testing

José Luis Gámez

Relentless curiosity

Considering aspects that deviate from standard processes leads to innovation and the improvement of a product.

Scientific mindset

Exploring several hypotheses is key to finding the route to an optimal solution.

Continuous learning

In a fast-changing environment, continuous training makes you versatile and arms you with tools to face diverse problems.

Who am I?

My name is José Luis Gámez and I work as a Test Automation Engineer in Web Scraping and SaaS projects. As a passionate about  testing and programming, I dedicate part of my time to research and write about software development and software quality on this website, as well as sharing my projects.

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As a passionate about automation, I have always found web scraping an extremely powerful technique to save time on repetitive boring tasks. So I developed a Python bot to automate job search.

Check it now in my portfolio page.