Docker and the basics of Linux containers

Docker is a sharp tool that has considerable benefits in development and business. In this article I will introduce the concept of containerisation and will cover the basics of Docker.

Jq basics for testers

As a QA engineer, you might be interested in selecting part of the JSON data to check the product tested is behaving as expected. Let’s go over some of the jq basics to manipulate JSON data like a pro.

Modular cohesion in software engineering

In software design, modular cohesion is an essential metric for determining whether the functionalities of our product have been correctly implemented.

What is static testing?

Static tests on computer products are an essential aspect in the early prevention of software defects. These tests encompass a series of techniques with which we detect bugs without having to run the software (contrary to what occurs in dynamic testing). Therefore, static testing focuses on evaluating how well the software is built instead of observing its behavior.

ACID properties and SQL unit testing

Have you ever wondered how big companies like Google, Airbnb or Apple manage to manage the immense volume of information they store without apparent incidents? In this article we discuss ACID properties.

SQL vs NoSQL: which technology will dominate in the Big Data era?

SQL and NoSQL are technologies with a big potential in the era of Big Data. But which one will dominate the future?

What do we mean by NoSQL technologies?

SQL is a popular programming language for data scientists when it comes to data retrieval and data analysis. But new set of new tools is strongly emerging in the field of Big Data: NoSQL.

Why is SQL so popular?

Managing databases is a quite complex endeavour, but its difficulty has been considerably mitigated thanks to the SQL programming language. The acronym SQL stands for Structured Query Language and its objective is to create, extract and manipulate information stored in databases.

What do we mean when we speak about Quality Assurance?

Quality Assurance is a process that seeks to ensure that a product complies with certain quality standards. It is a systematised way of defining quality requirements and product evaluations based on them.

Contraseñas ¿un punto débil en la seguridad?

El uso de contraseñas textuales es el método de autenticación más extendido actualmente pero no faltan los expertos que alertan sobre su cuestionable efectividad  en cuanto a seguridad. En el artículo de hoy hablaré de varios aspectos de seguridad en el uso de las contraseñas y de un tipo de contraseña para mejorar la seguridad en tu entorno de trabajo.