My Projects

cypress end to end automation

Test automation end to end automation with Cypress

This project is a test automation solution coded in Javascript using the amazing testing framework called Cypress.

In this project I built the whole testing framework and wrote code to ensure the quality of the core functionalities of a simulated e-commerce platform:

web scraping

Web scraping

Indeed Jobs Python Scraper

Knowing the technology behind the product you test gives you obvious benefits as a QA engineer. I have been working extensively with Python bots to extract web data and I found out that having experience coding a scraper has made me faster and more accurate when locating errors and troubleshooting.

In this project, I developed a Python bot to automate search and data extraction from a popular jobs site.

cypress end to end automation

Test automation

Netflix login test automation with Cypress

Although I would not recommend Netflix to practice test automation, after investigation I found out its login feature is a fairly simple case to use Cypress. This is a simple project to cover most critical test cases after experimenting with Netflix login.

portfolio page

Web development

This very portfolio page

I coded this very page from the ground up to have a more customised style.

Although I am no expert in web development (most of my training has a back-end focus), I am always eager to get hands-on experience in many areas, and web development totally deserves a try!

contact page

Web development

Site contact

Another page that I coded in html and css to customise the "about me" page.