ACID properties and SQL unit testing

Have you ever wondered how big companies like Google, Airbnb or Apple manage to manage the immense volume of information they store without apparent incidents? In this article we discuss ACID properties.

SQL vs NoSQL: which technology will dominate in the Big Data era?

SQL and NoSQL are technologies with a big potential in the era of Big Data. But which one will dominate the future?

What do we mean by NoSQL technologies?

SQL is a popular programming language for data scientists when it comes to data retrieval and data analysis. But new set of new tools is strongly emerging in the field of Big Data: NoSQL.

Why is SQL so popular?

Managing databases is a quite complex endeavour, but its difficulty has been considerably mitigated thanks to the SQL programming language. The acronym SQL stands for Structured Query Language and its objective is to create, extract and manipulate information stored in databases.